Section 2 – Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Works on Paper Award

1st Place $1000
Winning Artist: Rachel Russ
Title of Work: Man of Malta, from life

Enjoyed the direct immersing of this drawing. Quite contemporary in its handling of the various medium and the concentration of the energy in and around the head. The pose and sense of the man was most effective.

Highly Commended $350
Artist: Glenda Hobdell
Title of Work: Away 2

Another very accomplished handling of the medium. The interaction of the brown ground into the subtle interplay of the blacks and whites was very well orchestrated. Evoked a great sense of space, light and atmosphere.

Commended $150
Artist: Donna Free
Title of Work: Halfway Point

Great exuberance and handling of the ink and acrylics.  Wonderful sense of air and oxygen in the work harnessing the light in the paper ground.

Special Mention:

Artist: Jet James                               Title of Work: Holy Ground

Artist: Kaye Green                            Title of Work: Intriguing Tree

Artist: Amber Moore                          Title of Work: Imaginings

Artist: Lyn Laver-Ahmat                    Title of Work: Last Light