Section 3 – 7 Mackay Local News, Miniature Award

1st Place $1000
Winning Artist: Tina Spira
Title of Work: Camellia

Beautiful stillness and good sense of formal abstract design, where all the elements working well together.

Highly Commended $350
Artist: Bernhardine Mueller
Title of Work: Birds in the Bush

Love the quirky exuberance of this work and sense of humour. Good relationship between the etching and the hand colouring.

Commended $150
Artist: Marilyn Bliss
Title of Work: Cyclone – Australia

Strong bold design evoking a sense of the destructive power of the cyclone.  All elements working well together

Special Mention

Artist: Pam Slattery                           Title of Work: Galahs by the River

Artist: Pam Slattery                           Title of Work: Riverbank

Artist: Bernhardine Mueller                Title of Work: Early Bird Country