Section 4 – North Jacklin Emergent Artist Award

1st Place $500
Artist: Taylor Trewartha
Title of Work: All I Need

Amazing skill and facility with the medium. However, the power of the image was the ingredient that elevates this work into something heartfelt and emotive. Beautiful use of the light and dark across the drawing.

Highly Commended $250
Artist: Tayla Frew
Title of Work: Human Nature

The vibrancy of the colour and the interaction of the hand and foliage was stunning.  Lovely play of light across the whole image.  Interesting camouflaging aspect to the whole work.

Commended $150
Artist: Ruby Cramer
Title of Work: Objectified 2

Good to see an image that conveys very well and directly some of the sensitive issues of our time. An image that grabs your attention and makes you think a little.

Included in Section 4 – Emergent Artists Arts Practice Award

Prize $500
Artist: Taylor Trewartha
Title of Work: All I Need

Special Mention:

Artist: Gabrielle Faa              Title of Work: Home

Artist: Reanna Lauriston       Title of Work: The Unnatural Expansion

Artist: Jolle Lock                    Title of Work: Desperate

Artist: Eunice Belonio            Title of Work: Fronds

Artist: Sarah Glovera            Title of Work: Lead the Way

Artist: Renee Lloyd               Title of Work: Trapped