Section 1 – Easel Painting Award

1st Place $1000
Winning Artist: Leo Alexander Scott
Title of Work: Self Portrait Among Objects

The complex patterns and accumulation of objects around the central self portrait are well realised. Gives the whole work a vibrancy and great energy. Enjoyed the interaction and collusions between the various face elements, not unlike a collage.

Highly Commended $350
Artist: Carmen Beezley-Drake
Title of Work: Capricorn Landscape

Enjoyed especially the rhythmic use of the brushed paint handling. Enjoyed especially the sense of the true essence of that particular landscape. The immediacy and notational aspect of the work was most appealing.

Commended $150
Artist: Margaret Burgess
Title of Work: Finding Balance

Wonderfully poetic work – the naïve style perfectly evokes the subject and use of the intense blue that pervades the whole image is very effective.

Special Mention:

Artist: Robyn Gray                            Title of Work: View from Hanging Rock

Artist: Jet James                               Title of Work: Minds abyss

Artist: Judi Wynne                             Title of Work: Up North

Artist: Joe Faust                                Title of Work: The long way Home

Artist: Carol Bell                                 Title of Work: Night Market

Artist: Jo Mitchell                               Title of Work: Secrets

Artist: Sharon Drew                           Title of Work: Mt Pleasant