Section 5 – Artists Book Award

1st Place $1000
Artist: Gita Mammen
Title of Work: Feverfew

Very accomplished work. The time spent considering all aspects of this piece were remarkable. The artist’s presentation was achieved with much thought and sensitivity.

Highly Commended $350
Artist: Avril Makula
Title of Work: Stereotype

Enjoyed the graphic exuberance and immediacy of this work. Very clear, sharp and fresh, fabulous use of colour – so direct and vibrant.

Commended $150
Artist: Jennifer O’Young
Title of Work: Life’s Losses and Loose Threads

A subtle and slow burn presentation. The miniature drawings were a delight and well worth the time spent looking at each image.

Special mention:

Artist: Julie Thornton                         Title of Work: The Space Between ex libris xiii/ex libris xiv

Artists: Jack Oudyn & Helen Malone Title of Work: The Future of an Illusion