2009 AFS Friendly Care Pharmacy Art on Show Awards

$3000 Overall Winner

Artist: Kelvyn James Cunnington
Title of Work: Sorrow & War – The Disposable Nature of Human Kind

Section 1 – Seven Mackay Local News, Easel Painting Award

1st Place $1000

Winning Artist: Ngaio Lenz
Title of Work: New Beginning

Highly Commended $350

Artist: Joyce Bichel
Title of Work: Changes

Commended $150

Artist: Tracey Johnson
Title of Work: Tree Memory (Blue) S

Special mention

Martin Francis –
Title of work: Portrait of the Sharmon Two Crows

Section 2 – North Jacklin, Works on Paper Award

1st Place $1000

Artist: Tony Druery
Title of Work: Riverview 1

Highly Commended $350

Artist: Judy Rose
Title of Work: Analysing the Black Dog

Commended $150

Winning Artist: Mary Brown
Title of Work: A Secret Place

Special mention Stephen Homewood – Title of Work: Tuff Turff

Section 3 – Woollam Constructions Miniature Award

1st Place $1000

Winning Artist: Janet Matthews
Title of Work: Flowering Gum 4 Lunch – Zebra Finches

Highly Commended $350

Artist: Lillian Sich
Title of Work: On the Banks of the Pioneer River

Commended $150

Artist: Rhiannon Jones
Title of Work: Minuet

Special mention Marie Cunnington – Title of Work: After the Deluge

Section 4 – Mackays Stickers and Signs, Emergent Artist Award

1st Place $500

Artist: Melany Hayes
Title of Work: Work will set you Free

Highly Commended $250

Artist: Nicola Laidlow
Title of Work: Geisha from the Darkness

Commended $150

Artist: Brittany Bramwell
Title of Work: The Fish that Can’t Sing

Section 5 – The Artspace Mackay Local Artist Award

1st Place $500

Artist: Stephen Homewood Title of Work: Promiscuity

Highly Commended $200 framing voucher

Artist: Raye Williams
Title of Work: Untitled Colourscan,

People’s Choice Award

1st Place $250

Winning Artist: John Tucker
Title of Work: Ammie Scott Rose