2006 Milton Picture Framers Art on Show Award


$3000 Overall Winner

Artist: Angela Gill
Title of Work: Another Masterpiece 1

Section 1 – Mackay Real Estate Plus, Easel Painting Award

1st Place $1000

Winning Artist: Roseanne Lawton
Title of Work: Palm Frenzy

Highly Commended $350

Artist: Uta Wild
Title of Work: Plane Creek Mill Sarina

Commended $150

Artist: Kirsty Lynn Moore
Title of Work: Child of Africa

Section 2 – SR Wallace & Wallace Works on Paper Award

1st Place $1000

Winning Artist: Martin Francis
Title of Work: Riverboat Memories of Him

Highly Commended $350

Artist: Lynn Anderson
Title of Work: Wiliam Morris

Commended $150

Artist: May-Britt Mosshammer
Title of Work: Eungella a Place in the Clouds

Section 3 – TF Woollam & Sons Miniature Award

1st Place $1000

Winning Artist: Christina Cordero
Title of Work: Soul Poem No2

Highly Commended $350

Artist: Janet Matthews
Title of Work: Sharing Lunch

Commended $150

Artist: Sharon Drew
Title of Work: In the Bin

Section 4 – Earth Sea Pottery Emergent Artist Award

1st Place $500

Artist: Jet James
Title of Work: Untitled

Highly Commended $250

Artist: Fiona Kate
Title of Work: A Story of Divine Grace

Section 5 – Artspace Mackay Award

Equal First Place $170 each

Artist: Charmaine Wicking Title of Work: Island Girl
Artist: Heather Walker Title of Work: My Popos
Country Artist: Tarina Fanning Title of Work: Turtle Dreaming