Life Drawing Masterclass 2023 with Artist Dr. Anneke Silver

Presented by the Mackay Show Association and Art on Show

Fifteen lucky local artists joined renowned artist tutor and 2023 Art on Show Awards Guest Judge Dr. Anneke Silver for a special 1-day Life Drawing masterclass experience, during the Art on Show Event.

Anneke`s Workshop Aim: “Life Drawing is one of the fundamental ways of learning to observe. We could learn to observe proportions and angles by looking at a plaster cast…but facing a fellow human unclothed, stripped of social references is a different experience altogether”.

Anneke helped participants explore in this workshop, getting in touch with what the person/the figure, the position or stance and facial expression suggests, and making that into a meaningful statement. Many beautiful works were accomplished, thank you to our generous Judge Anneke Silver for judging our event and presenting this excellent masterclass for our arts community.